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Tyia – A Wearable Tech Fashion Star

Smart watches can be convenient and activity trackers can help us stay active. No matter how handy they can be, you also know how bulky or childish some can look. What about those people who need a more elegant attire while attending important meetings? As important the meeting might be, an emergency will always be as important.

Viawear went to the drawing board and introduced their way in fashioning some handy features into a classy bracelet calling it Tyia.

Smart jewelry and smart accessoriesSmart Jewelry by ViawearSmart Jewelry by Viawear

Source: About — Viawear


What Is Tyia For?

Tyia is keeping it simple and beautiful with discreet notifications using vibrations and colors.

  • Customize your vibration patterns to distinguish your contacts.
  • Customize each contact with unique color illuminations.
  • Track your steps with an activity tracker.


Tyia at CES 2015 – Covered by CNET


Viawear is young but very motivated in bringing this mainstream. Right now, they are asking to spread the word with a huge bonus! By showing your friends, you’ll get a chance to win a free Tyia of your own! Click the link below to get updates on Tyia, and you’ll instantly be entered into competition.

Get updates on Tyia –


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2 thoughts on “Smart Jewelry is Technically Fashionable

  • Neil

    I didn’t know smart jewelry existed up until now, since I’m not up to date with technology at the moment lol. I hear ya about smart watches looking childish. However, my friend has just recently bought an Apple smart watch and it does look pretty cool. In fact, it looks like a real watch 🙂

    I wonder what other smart items they are planning next!?

    The future certainly is becoming more and more advanced as the years pass, so it will be exciting to see other developments.


    • WTFman Post author

      It will only exponentially advance further with each passing year. Apple Watch is certainly one of they more “Prettier” smart watches, as to with the Moto G. I’m currently testing out the U8 watch and cost less than $50. Appearance isn’t bad, and quick response, but lacking much customization. (Good for testers)

      The tech is getting yet smaller with jewelry such as the NFC Ring. This ring has several capabilities such as unlocking your NFC capable smartphone or storing business information such as contact cards, phone numbers or websites.

      Personally, I’m excited to see what the next advancement is. One thing I do hope for is a sustainable future and I believe technology will be the answer.

      Thanks for your comment Neil!