Smart Navigation With GPS Running Shoes 2

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Smart GPS Running Shoes

World’s First Interactive Haptic Footwear

Haptic technology has been used for gaming, phones, pagers and now can even help the visually-impaired. Using smart navigation in a GPS running shoe, anybody can find there way around anywhere.

Lechal footwear was the result of a desire to help visually impaired through navigation.

  • With both an insole and a shoe.

Using sound or gestures would activate this advanced footwear. Once enabled, wearers receive haptic feedback that guide them to their destination. While this is a handy feature on it’s own, more can be done with this gadget.


GPS Running Shoes

Smart GPS Running ShoeFeatures

  1. Activity Tracker – Distance, duration, calories, stamina.
  2. Fitness Milestones
  3. Performance Log
  4. GPS Navigation
  5. Navigation Log
  6. Social Integration

While serving as a personal GPS navigation system, Lechal footwear will track how many steps you take along with time and distance traveled.

A smartphone app will show your stats and fitness information. Your stamina score, calories burned along with Social integration is a great motivator to stay fit. The social feature can set the best location for meeting friends.

Like fitness wristbands and other competitors, Lechal footwear does require a smartphone app to gain full functionality.

The most unique feature of this shoe is the gesture control. It’s claimed that wearers will have the ability to use gestures such as tilting your foot for “Tagging” a location. If this is all proven true, smart navigation may take a turn in the coming years.



What competition might step in the way of Lechal?

GTX Corp also has its own intelligent footwear “GPS Smart Shoe” along with it’s “GPS Smart Sole“.

  • GTX Corp has been providing GPS service since 2002
  • Primary function is location tracking – Aimed towards Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients or kids with Autism.
  • Battery life depends on model. The indoor Bluetooth model “Ble Smart Sole” lasts for about 1 year. The “GPS Smart Sole” lasts about 3 to 5 days
  • The GPS tracking app will show family members where each other is, and when love ones are out of certain range.

When considering the direction GTX Corp is focusing, they may be leader in GPS tracking systems.

Lechal on the other hand has provided a unique twist for intelligent footwear. A combination of fitness feedback, navigation feedback, along with social integration might be what active even athletes are looking for.



While currently waiting for production, the Lechal team is well on there way. We should expect to see the GPS running shoes available for shipment later this year.

Watch: Lechal at CES 2015

Pre-order can be made and the insoles are priced shy of $150.

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2 thoughts on “Smart Navigation With GPS Running Shoes

  • Claire

    Oh my gosh, can they do the running for me too?!
    What an awesome website you have here.. full of toys for big girls and boys.. love it!

  • Eoinmc

    I can see how they might be useful for tracking people with Alzheimer’s etc. though a fob attached to clothes could do the same thing. I have a gadget that I strap across my chest and a watch that does a lot of the other stuff, but I can see the advantage of pulling on the shoes and off you go. I imagine their not cheap? Very space age looking.