Solar Shirt by Pauline van Dongen

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Charging your phone using advanced clothing isn’t far off from reality. In fact, some have already made this possible.

Pauline van Dongen is working with flexible solar panel textiles and designed the Solar Shirt to help occupy power hungry needs of our connected world. Being exposed to sunlight will keep your phone on and your music poppin. An idea that could soon have you forgetting about finding your next charging port all together.


Solar Shirt Front and Back - Pauline Vandongen


Thin layers of stretchable, flexible and washable electronics integrated with tiny solar panels allow for 1w of electricity to be produced. With a built-in rechargeable power bank, the newest Solar Shirt will even store energy not being used. Some might find this bizarre but it’s a step in the right direction to give wearable technology users a longer lasting experience.

Holst Centre is the partner behind these tiny flexible solar panels. Specializing in wireless autonomous sensor technologies and flexible electronics, Holst Center believes that solar power is the key to powering the future. They are cutting the cost of solar panels using organic photovoltaics “OPV” technology which can be integrated with smart fabrics.


Projects by Pauline van Dongen


Mesopic Light Jacket 2014

To increase human visibility and safety in low-light outdoor scenarios. Philips’ textile LED ribbons have been integrated in fabric resulting in a light-emitting display that is both discreet in the day and only noticeable at night.

Wearable Solar 2013

A project started as a brilliant effort in making solar powered garments. 2 years later, solar jackets and solar shirts have emerged. Check out the TEDx video below to hear more about Wearable Solar and Solar Shirt.

Flip Dot Dress 2012

An earlier adaptation of wearable tech & fashion. This distracting display of flipping dots was a solid effort. Influenced by sound, this dress displays a swirl of changing patterns. Your a walking disco ball. Not sure on the party you’ll be attending but who’s judging? None the less it was the dawn of a new era of high-tech clothing.


Solar Shirt on Tedx


Personally, I see an amazing future for the Wearable Solar project.

If the garments are flexible, soft, washable, durable, and affordable then what can stand in the way?


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