Swarovski Crystal Necklace Fitness Tracker

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For some of us, life can become so busy that personal fitness isn’t crossing our mind often. With the help of fitness trackers this can end. Simple things like standing up and moving around can eliminate problems caused by sitting for long periods of time. This is something fitness trackers can help people with.

It doesn’t take much to improve health and fitness. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have. If a desk job is what you have, then standing up and walking around your desk is well in your ability. It’s also where many people begin improving their health. One step at a time.

Tech and fashion has merged brilliantly when the fitness tracker Misfit partnered with Swarovski. Together they designed something many people have been waiting for. A highly versatile and long lasting fitness tracker.


A Swarovski Crystal + Necklace Accessory + Fitness Tracker = Wearable Tech Fashion


Swarovski Crystal Necklace Fitness Tracker


Swarovski Crystal

A beautifully crafted Swarovski crystal is what makes this fitness tracker so unique. Since 1895 Swarovski’s luxury cut glass has been a desired accessory for all elegant attire.



Necklace Accessory

Serora Pendant, The Lisea Pendant, and Vio Pendant are 3 of the 6 available accessories. Other accessories include a matching set of bracelets. Very versatile for those who like to change things up a bit.



Fitness Tracker

Not even your closest friends would have the slightest idea you’re wearing a piece of technology. Hiding within the removable Swarovski crystal is the Misfit Fitness tracker. It’s compatible with Android or Apple smartphones to collect and store your stats. The fitness tracker will let you know when to get moving and will even track your sleeping pattern.



Would You Wear A Swarovski Crystal Necklace?

The Swarovski crystal necklace is available on Preorder for $169.

The Misfits Shine offers the same features. Buy Misfit Shine for $99.

Keep watching for the upcoming Violet Swarovski Crystal Shine Pendant.

This one will be solar powered and could potentially last much longer than 6 months before having to replace the battery. It could possibly eliminate replacing battery altogether.

Read about it here: Is the Swarovski Fitness tracker solar powered?


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