Swatch What You Say About Smart Watches

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Stories have been leaking that the Apple Watch has a tough competitor with the new Swatch Touch Zero One.

Are the stories true?

Not according to Nick Hayek, chief executive of Swatch

“We are not a consumer technology company,” Mr. Hayek said at the company’s annual media day. “We don’t want to produce a reduced, minimized mobile phone on your wrist.”

Swatch Touch Zero One Smart Watch

Photo Courtesy: Swatch


Will Swatch survive in the world of smart watches?

Swatch is going to get smarter but isn’t aiming at building a “Be all, Do all” wrist gadget.

Unlike Apple Watch, Swatch is likely to continue being a “Watch” but simply modernized with hardware such as NFC. Other models may include features such as a step counter and other basic sensors.

Why choose Swatch Touch over Apple Watch?

Swatch will have it’s benefits over Apple Watch, or even Samsung Gear, and some other brands. While providing the convenience of cash payments and hotel room access, the Swatch battery will last much longer. No details are released for how long the battery will last but I’m almost certain it will last from a week up to a year.

The Swatch won’t take customers from Apple

The Swiss watch maker Swatch isn’t targeting the Apple audience at all. As a matter of fact, they’re aiming for their own audience. Anybody waiting for the Apple Watch are looking forward to synchronizing it with their Iphones. As it stands now, the Swatch won’t even support Apple devices. Currently the company has mentioned aligning with Microsoft Windows.

Current Swatch touch editions cost about $200 and isn’t likely to drastically increase with the Touch Zero One series. The Swatch Touch Zero One is targeting right at Volley Players (see video below). The low cost customization and long battery life will be a seller for athletes looking for something a bit “Smarter”.


A smart watch for everyone

Specializing is where brands like Swatch will continue to win. Simplicity is special in a competitive market and I believe Mr. Hayek knows this too. Neither company will have to worry about each other because neither are stepping on each others toes.

While high tech feature fancy smart watches will be great for the technically inclined and those who don’t mind a daily recharge. Devices like the new Swatch Touch Zero One will be more than sufficient. Expected to launch in May.

If a long lasting battery is what you’re looking for, but still want the flexibility of the Apple Watch. Consider having a look at the new Pebble Time which will have a week long battery life with 1000’s of apps to choose from. The new Time edition shipments will begin in May. However, the KickStarter campaign ends on March 27th so if you want to see one this Spring, you have to order it now.


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