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Showcase your wearable tech, express your innovative talents, or simply drop by and enjoy the show in Miami Florida.

Miami is taking the stage for the eMerge Americas Tech Conference with innovative companies and thought leaders.


Emerge Americas Tech Conference Miami

Source: eMerge Americas Tech Conference


Founding Partners Knight Foundation, Miami-Dade County, Medina Capital and GreenbergTraurig are gathering brilliant minds. An event offering opportunities to discuss and participate in new technological achievements. This 5 day event will be one of a kind covering all aspects of wearable technology and our connected world. See the event highlights and the eMerge Kick-Off Party Video below.



Government Innovation Summit

May 3rd, 4th & 5th – Take part in an event where brilliant minds talk about overcoming public complications. A technology allows for our lives to be more efficient and convenient, we quickly see the effects it has on how we behave. Find out what people are saying and what innovators and leaders may do about it.

Startup Showcase

May 3rd, 4th & 5th – For many early startups, this could be the break of a lifetime. In a two-day showcase in front of hundreds of investors and industry innovators. Two startup companies will walk away with up to $150,000 in cash and prizes. Bring your A-Game!

Woman, Innovation & Technology

May 4th – A technology & innovation fashion show, experimental programming, and networking opportunity. Top female professionals from various industries will be discussing how they’re transforming the industry through technology and innovation.

Innovative Fashion

May 4th – Fashion was always a changing industry, as too with technology. Now it seems that both are crossing into each others territory. The innovative fashion event sees it fit by bringing in the best of tech fashion to showcase the true nature of our future.


May 1st & 2nd- An event with more prizes to be won. Over $50,000 of them actually, and an event any coder will want to attend. Participants will have 24 hours to solve complex challenges set out by industry leaders. Well worth the effort if I do say so myself!


May 4th & 5th – A robotic experience for students from the elementary, high school, and college levels. All calibers are invited to showcase their skills and talents in the STEM arena.


May 4th & 5th – A fully digitized urban community where visitors can walk and experience exhibitors showcasing the latest Smart City projects. The artificial city may be small, but the visions it create are massive. This is a chance to walk down the streets of your future.

Emerging Product Program

May 4th & 5th – A program which goal is to discover individuals who push the limits by developing innovative ideas. Over thinking the results and breaking new boundaries in the evolution of technology.

Network For Teach Entrepreneurs

May 4th & 5th – Working closely with educators and bringing to the floor an opportunity for investors to meet innovators. As stated on eMerge Americas website, a sharktank style event will be held with a panel of investors ready to put money down on your project.

Hiring Fair

May 4th & 5th – Companies will be fishing for specialists. Exactly as the title states, designers, developers, and college students looking for a job will be having their resumes on hand.  Ever thought about working on a project for a major brand like Motorola? They just might be looking for you.

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Check out the eMerge Kick-Off Party Video Below

eMerge Kick-Off Party Video Booth from eMerge Americas on Vimeo.


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