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In the past future technology was considered geeky attire for many people (I keep thinking about The Jetsons). Anything more than a timepiece wasn’t considered as casual wear up until recent years. Now, more and more people are using fitness trackers and smart watches. But like an awkward teenager looking to find their place in the world, so is wearable technology. It emerged from the idea of having smart phone abilities on your wrist. It wasn’t long before it moved beyond the wrist. Bringing us ideas such as power belts, solar shirts, and smart socks even.

Past Future Technology Is Whacked

It wasn’t long before the fashion industry took notice of what was happening. If technology continues to progress, the world of fashion was going to get ugly real fast. Something had to be done!

Past Future Technology didnt have 3D Printing

Courtesy of INTERLACED

Thanks to INTERLACED, fashion moguls can easily explore these new areas of sensors, 3d printing, smart textiles, illuminating fabrics and connected devices. They have been collaborating between the fashion and tech community with leaders who inspire towards the next innovation & design.

Sessions hosted by INTERLACED focus on the minds, talents, creators and innovators shaping the future of fashion through technology. Their CEO, Kristina Dimitrova has been a superstar speaker at events talking about fashion tech trends and the opportunities for future technology and fashion entrepreneurs.

3d printing is playing a huge role in the progression of wearable tech fashion. It’s making it possible for almost anyone to explore their creativity, designing and producing quality products. A recent discussion at 3D Print Show with INTERLACED founder Kristina Dimitrova talks about how important it really is (Seen in the image above). She interview Wonderluk’s CEO Roberta Lucca who’s taking 3d printing to a personal level and offering custom printed necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. Most interesting of all is the 3d printed silver and gold jewelry collection.

It’s not just the jewelry and accessories that can be 3d printed. This rapidly evolving technique has made it possible to produce almost anything. From 3d printed circuit boards to 3d printed soft fabrics. The simple idea of one machine building all parts with seamless integration will cut down on manufacturing and labor costs by enormous amounts.

Fashion of the past technology of the future - Image Courtesy INTERLACED 2015

Image Courtesy INTERLACED 2015

This huge role will need to fall in line with innovative new ideas, and problem solving inventions that can integrate easily into our lives. We also need to look into the sustainability of this industry while considering economical effects. Attend the event below hosted by INTERLACED and many questions will be answered.

INTERLACED 2015 – London, UK

Any fashion enthusiast or influence that is sightseeing London Sept. 03 will love this event. The future of fashion and technology is here and INTERLACED is prepping the throne.

Tickets are on sale now.




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