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Cityzen Sciences is a company that’s aiming to change the world “Especially in the world of sports and athletes”.

Branding the name Smart Sensing with a goal to be an “Ingredient” for wearable tech and fashion. “Smart Fabric Conception” as they claim was born.

“Technology that’s literally woven into the clothing”

The focus is to become an essential “piece” for many future wearable tech companies. Current projects have been developing health and fitness tracking.


Smart Sensing and Cityzen Data


Smart Sensing embeded in your clothing

Cityzen Sciences innovates in the field of data-collection while providing what seems to be an “Open-sourced” business model.

Many brands are integrating technology into their products, Cityzen Science however is looking to “Be that technology”.

Cityzen Sciences created 2 subsidiaries: Smart Sensing and Cityzen Data

Cityzen data is the platform/software designed to effectively use and calculate Smart Sensing technology.

D-Shirt was designed using Smart Sensing technology and the Cityzen Data app to provide accurate monitoring of: heart rate, speed, aerobic speed, distance, temperature and altitude in real time. It also gives the ability to share this information on social networks.



Smart Clothing For Health

Fitness has become one of the highlights for this decade while obesity numbers still climb. With that said, so has overall health and the healthcare provided. As many shake their heads and turn backs on those struggling to lose weight, you have Cityzen Sciences.

Scoping to save “100’s of Millions” or even “Billions” on health care costs

Using sensors with sophisticated Medical grade technology, information can be relayed to physicians 24/7. This alone can save time, money and space. Immediate care can be provided much easier and effectively with much more freedom.

Advanced clothing is becoming thought of as “Practical” in the sense of health, fitness, and of course science. In time we could all have this available to us. Would this technical advance be something you would bring into your life?

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