The Human Battery – Our Source Of Power

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PhD candidates in Physics and Material Science might have found a way to keep our mobile devices fully charged.

The human body is a miraculous structure (A Battery). One that can generate energy continuously for more than 100 years as long as it’s operating correctly and well maintained. This is where Tejas Shastry, Mike Geier and Alex Smith became inspired to create Ampy, which uses the motion of your body to power any USB devices.

Raising over 300% of their KickStarter campaign goal made this a huge success.

Crazy Technology?

It’s just physics – Using the motion of magnets moving back and forth in close range, power is generated and when you have something to capture this power, it’s up to you what you do with it next. (Simple if you have a PhD in physics…)

Below, a cyclist wears the Ampy around his leg because this will generate the most energy.

Ampy Human Powered Battery Charger

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The World’s Smallest Wearable Motion Charger

The AMPY One charges your smartphones and wearable tech using energy from your movements. The more you move, the more power you get. A full powered Ampy will give you approximately 18 hours battery life for your smartphone, and charges as fast as your wall outlet. To fully charge the Ampy, it will probably take a very active day considering they claim an active person will generate about 5 hours standby. Luckily you can also charge the Ampy using a USB wall plugin allowing for a quick power-up.

It even comes with an App that shows your approximate calories burnt and total energy generated. Another handy feature will show you how much battery you’ve been using each day.


Ampy App Shows calories burnt, Energy Generated, and Battery Usage statistics.

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Pre-Order Ampy Here For $99

$125 with accessory kit

Estimated ship date: July 2015

With such a huge kickstarter success, we can be certain to see further advances. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Ampy after it’s release. If you’re not supporting for their first release, be sure to check back and hear what people are saying about the worlds smallest wearable motion charger.


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