Top 5 Cheap Smart Watches

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Buyers beware and understand this list. The top 5 cheap smart watches should not be taken with high expectations. Many companies world wide are developing new technology and not meeting public reach. It’s people like us that search out and find those companies. Wearable Tech Fashion doesn’t imply any guarantee of these products working well, so we try our best to describe the pros and cons we discover.

The below products are the top 5 cheap smart watches I’ve discovered from users who’ve taken the time in rating their experiences.


#5 – ODEM GSM Smartwatch

The ODEM Smartwatch has ways to go before it’s competing with the latest models of Samsung or Pebble. However. as number 5 on the list it can make for a cheap trial run. If you receive one that works you’ll have a better idea if smart watches are a thing for you. Don’t hold your breath when waiting for it either.


#4 – Excelvan MTK6260 Smartwatch

For the iPhone users, this one has a few good words to say about it. This could make for a great knockoff Apple watch, but I don’t expect any comparison for quality. Just like most though, it receives notifications along with sending/receiving text and calls. It also comes with a built in app that estimates your steps and activity.


#3 – CIYOYO Androset Smartwatch

For under $50 I was surprised to see how this one ranked. It seems the initial setup takes a bit of effort and some users complained of it not working. Several others who played around with the Ciyoyo Androset said it was a fantastic device capable of Making/Receiving calls, and Receiving Texts and Notifications as well. It also has a Stopwatch, Altitude Meter, Passometer, Barometer, and Vibration. Overall it well deserves 3rd place in top cheap smart watches, but if you’re considering getting one, id recon you wait and see #1 on our list.



#2 – Sony Smart Watch SW2

Has it been that long since this watch was released? Now that the 3rd edition of the Sony Smart Watch is released, you can get yourself a reliable wearable from a name you can trust. For under $200, Sony Smart Watch 2 can meet your needs with messages, calls, Facebook, Twitter, sports apps, music player, and calendar all on your wrist. Sony’s innovative screen technology proves sunlight readable with touch/swipe/pinch, and water resistant (IP57).


#1 – U8 Smartwatch

The U8 Smart Watch is raising attention as being one of the best cheap smart watches you can buy. Hotograph, Barometer, Vibration and Remote photo function. Alerts you automatically after a certain distance to avoid losing your phone. If it holds up to the battery life of 160 hours on standby or 6 hours music play, it might be a perfect test subject for under $60 on amazon. All users comment on how easy it is to setup and use, and say it does exactly what it supposed to do.

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Have You Purchased a Cheap Smart Watch?

The competition is growing between smart watch brands. While studying the top 5 cheap smart watches, one can only wonder the effect on brands such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, LG, and the new smart watch specialist Pebble. If you have hands on experience with a cheap smart watch, let us know all about it below.  If you would like to write a full product review, sign-up on the bottom right hand corner and tell us the product you want to review.


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