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Since it’s first announcement on Kickstarter in 2012, Pebble has become a fan favorite among many smart watch lovers. Arguably to be top of the smart watches despite the power of competing giants like Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. A couple videos below might convince you of the same.

Pebble set a record breaking campaign in raising over $10 million to fund the production of their smart watch. They started 2015 with another successful campaign  with 78,471 backers raising over $20,000,000. Turning many heads including my own The Pebble Time Steel may be the most liked smart watch out there.

Is Pebble On Time For Fame?

Pebble Time & Time Steel

PebbleTime - Time Steel - Time Gold

PebbleTime – Time Steel – Time Gold – Photo Courtesy:


This color e-paper smart watch has an improved structure, improved battery and improved software from it’s predecessor. Operating on a new operating system now with 1000’s of developers working to make Pebble the smart watch to have. Using marine grade stainless steel, the Pebble Time Steel is a work of fine elegant craftsmanship for those looking for something classy.

  • 7 day battery life (10 days with Time Steel)
  • USB to magnetic charge
  •  3D accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Microphone
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Unique “upgradable” straps

Keeping simplicity at it’s core, the Pebble Time brings you exactly what any top smart watches should. It might not provide the illuminating display of a Samsung Gear or Apple Watch, but it excels in sunlight nearly unhindered (The video below explains all this very well). Pebble excels in battery life, and they get this by using a LCD e-ink display and Accessing features on the phone is done using buttons instead of a touch screen. Pebble is giving developer the ability to design straps with sensors to expand the watches capabilities. This is a huge benefit from the design of this smart watch that opens it to accurate heart rate tracking, hydration tracking, and other sensors currently in development.

Hands on Pebble Time – The Verge



Pebble Classic

Pebble Classic Colors

5 Colors of Pebble Classic – Photo courtesy:


The first edition of Pebble is none the less worth it’s price and still available. For only $99 you can buy the Pebble Classic straight from the Pebble website. Still packed with sensors and app notifications, and it’s famed week long battery. The Pebble classic could be the only smart watch you’ll ever need.

  • USB magnetic charging
  • 3D accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Light sensor
  • 50m water resistance
  • Bluetooth 4.0

With this it reads text, receives 3rd party app notifications, changes music tracks on their phone and of course displays the time. Pebble excels in battery life, and they get this by using a LCD e-ink display and Accessing features on the phone is done using buttons instead of a touch screen. I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet, but after watching this 1st impression video below I was very surprised with how it works.

Hands On Pebble Classic


Final Opinion – Can Pebble be a Rock Star?

All in all, the Pebble classic does exactly what most people would need a smart watch for. It would be difficult to argue with the favorable price of $100. Features aren’t available on the classic model such as responding to notifications, but as described it was designed to be efficient, long lasting, and keep you notified. For anyone who want’s more can easily get that with the new Pebble Time or Time Steel with a bargaining price of $199. A huge deal comparing to the $300 and up expected from other devices.

  • Long lasting battery in all models has been proven.
  • Voice controlled response is available in the.
  • 3rd party developers are designing hardware made just for Pebble. (See Below)
  • Flexibility for future hardware sensors in the strap. (Big Bonus)
  • 1000’s of apps and more constantly being developed.

I personally believe they do stand a chance in a market of tech giants and Pebble is right on time for fame. they hold their own as a unique option in the smart watch industry. Leaving themselves open for 3rd party development in both software and hardware will give them a strong advantage over their strongest competitors including Samsung and Apple.

That’s my opinion from my research and if you’re planning to get yourself a new pebble, below are a couple accessories you might want to consider getting.


Pebble Accessories

It’s fame is creating inspiration and from that inspiration comes accessories for your Pebble smart watch. Here’s some of those accessories that will enhance your Pebble experience.

Pebble Time Straps – Smart straps that can upgrade your Pebble to do almost anything. An open sourced idea where Pebble is allowing developers to create innovative watch straps. See more here – Pebble Time Straps

TimeDock Charging Dock – Get Time Dock Charging Dock on Kickstarter – Designed and manufactured by Daniel Bauen at This accessory will quickly convert your Pebble Time or Time Steel into a portable beside clock while it’s charging.

TimeDock Charging Dock-Pebble Time and Time Steel

Engineerable is an industrial design and manufacturing studio based in the Scottdale borough of Atlanta, GA. Established in 2011, Engineerable’s team has focused on creating design specific products that increase functionality and versatility.


LiQuidSkin – Pebble Time Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty – by IQShield. Providing scratch resistance with a bubble proof protective layer similar to high end screen protectors for your smartphone.

Pebble Steel Metal WatchbandA replaceable watchband in 3 styles – by Pebble. A smart watch strap for all kinds are already available. Directly from Pebble you can get 3 metal watchbands as shown in the picture below.

Pebble Time Steel Watch Bands Collection

Owners will soon find custom smart watch straps made by many companies other than Pebble.This has opened a new market and promotes other developers to assist the company in being one of the top smart watches around.


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  • Vicky

    I want one of those watches! Didn’t realize the variety between the brands. Thought all smart watches were basically the same… Didn’t they just come out? lol

    Great site, great content, super imagery. I love it Well done!
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  • eli

    Thanks – Great review and explains what Pebble is about. I didn’t realize the difference between smart watches. I like how Pebble is aiming in a different direction that gives them a longer lasting battery. Very well written!