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Science fiction may seem pop in mind, but it’s very real and highly supported by several research institutes. The university of Ontario “Institute of Technology”, and the university of Toronto are 2 among them and have shown favorable results using Muse to train your brain. Focus and attention improvements along with a sense of relaxation and overall happiness are claimed results from using this wearable tech.

Train Your Brain - Focus and Attention Headband

What is Muse?

Based on clinical EEG “Electroencephalography”, Muse uses 7 sensors which detect and measure brain activity. The app “Calm” uses this data to guide you through a brain training process. Muse responds to signals from your brain and notifies when your distracted. The app then helps exercise your brain with focused attention training which will help you regain attention easier and faster.

  • Muse hardware cost $299
  • You can download Calm free on either Android or Apple devices.
  • Muse is tested and certified in accordance with Canadian, USA and European regulatory standards (FCC, UL, CE).


Why Does Muse Help Train Your Brain?

I will endorse this myself about the issues that come of getting distracted. A distracted mind is a frustrated mind and obviously it’s hard to be happy while distracted all the time. With distraction comes difficulty learning and difficulty improving. Muse aims to exercise this weak area, and for many people will improve overall lifestyle.

It motivates you to change your brain

  • Uses a points system with goals and challenges.
  • Progress and unlock bonuses and achievements.
  • See your results with charts/graphs.
  • Long term records show how your progressing.

It can improve overall emotional state

  • Improving attention helps alleviate the frustrations that lead to anger.
  • Becoming more aware and in control will result.
  • A state of awareness and self control decreases stress.
  • Become self aware is key to emotional intelligence.


Would I Use Wearable Tech Such As Muse?

Yes. As a victim of distraction, and a survivor to tell it all, I will certainly use Muse to help improve myself. Using medical grade technology and Bluetooth which is weaker than a cellphone signal by a fraction of 100 makes it safe enough for me. Supported by several universities and receiving great feedback makes this hard to look away from.

I also write a blog for Successful Lifestyle Secrets and I truly understand the benefits of focus exercising. We have a lot to learn about how our brain works, but the connections between our thoughts and emotions are undeniable. Improving focus and attention would improve much more than intelligence.

By exercising our focus and attention, it will improve our overall positive perspectives.


Is Wearable Technology Ready To Train Your Brain?


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10 thoughts on “Train Your Brain – Focus and Attention Headband

  • Olive

    This is a really interesting article WTFman.

    I have always been interesting in meditating but have never mastered it. I reckon this technology could assist me to get to that level of concentration. Meditation is so good for the body and mind so I would love to be able to do it.

    I will look into this more.

    Thanks again for posting.


    • WTFman Post author

      I’m glad your interest in this strings toward meditation. I too feel this will be a huge benefit in meditating and make it much easier for others to engage. The power of your mind is astonishing. Having technology that help us improve our mind is like having the best psychiatrist in the world as a personal mind trainer. Except this one you can control and is wearable technology.

      Thanks for your input!

  • Jordan

    Cool information here – I would be afraid of the radio waves doing some sort of hard to my brain, but you squashed that bug right away since most people are using cell phones. If anything, cell phones would be considered harmful… great site too!

  • Raymond Philippe

    That’s what I like. Cool tech products which I can actually pitch to my wife saying they serve a health purpose.
    This Muse headband sure carries some interesting features. I’ll add it to my wish list. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ed

    This article opened me to new possibilities. How you train your brain using a band is remarkable. Thanks for introducing me to this, and you’re real thorough and full of good information about the MUSE. This looks like a cool piece of wearable tech. Thanks

  • Neil

    Hello, Damien

    This Focus and Attention headband is pretty sweet indeed! I never knew such a concept existed, but I do now 😉 This too is just what I need because of all the distractions and pressure in life. There are many benefits to this by the sounds of your review and it’s now on my “must have” list of products to buy 😀

    Anything that helps to improve our life is definitely worth it! Neil

    • WTFman Post author

      I had a hunch this product would interest many people. The technology has been around for over 100 years, but the quality has improved dramatically. The ability to wear this technology without large machinery is the biggest step ever taken.

      A strong belief of mine “This technology will be responsible for the future of extensive thinking”

      It’s good to hear your thoughts and highly appreciated.

  • Brock

    Wow! This is pretty neat. I’d never heard of Muse before. Very interesting technology to at least try out. I wonder how much it cost?

    • WTFman Post author

      You can own one for $299. Considering the cost of many other new devices, this one’s not at all bad.
      I’m thinking of getting one myself. Then you’ll certainly expect to hear a personal review from me.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!