True Wireless Charging – Without Contact With Anything

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Being able to charge your wearables while wearing them or charge your cellphone while it’s in your pocket. Not with a pocket charger, but using wireless frequencies that are already around us. Now that would be true wireless charging.

It seems a little out of reach from from reality. How can this be possible?

Nicola Tesla knew this to be - True Wireless Charging. Now it's becoming a reality!

Well, Nicola Tesla knew it can be done and now a group of people forming the company uBeam is working towards making this possible. With 4 years of research and application uBeam’s founder Meredith Perry has built a team of over 30 brilliant minds. They have developed new technology which they believe will change the world.


What Is uBeam?

A patented technology using ultrasound to transmit power over the air to charge electronic devices.

uBeam - True Wireless ChargingWithout any contact from a wire or charging pad, uBeam will be able to safely charge multiple electronic devices. Something like this can really be a game changer for electronics.

For a nice long explanation of uBeam technology, I found a great article on TechCrunch: uBeam finally reveals how it’s wireless charging can safely charge electronics.

I know, it seems far fetched but I’m keeping my eyes open for them and will keep you updated the moment you can try it out for yourself. As of now, they are bringing a load of attention to the table with millions of dollars worth of investor money. The most recent news is that renowned ultrasound expert Paul Chandler, Ph.D., joined uBeam’s engineering leadership team and Matthew O’Donnell, Ph.D has also jumped on board with uBeam – See the update here.

If all goes well, they’ll be commercially available later this year.


We’ll have to just wait and see, but what do you think? Will we see true wireless charging this year?


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