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A new era of high end fashion has emerged. Haute tech can soon be a prize for any successful entrepreneur who’s desire is to live as a VIP.

There is nothing new about luxury time pieces and I really don’t mean to be Stepping on the Apple Watch Edition. We just can’t consider it haute tech simply because it’s made of gold. However, brands such Christophe & Co and Pininfarina are known to design state of the art Haute Fashion products such as concept cars and custom jewelry. Now, they have teamed up for something unique to the world. They call it the Armill Bracelet.


Christophe & Co and Pininfarina have teamed up for something unique to the world.



Get Exclusive Access With VIP Treatment

Wearing a Christophe & Co Armills bracelet will be all you need to gain access to partner events. With a quick scan, you’ll be identified as VIP with a welcomed entrance. Events will include concerts, races, and exclusive clubs at exotic locations around the globe. This is something no other smart bracelet can offer.

Technical Information for Armill

  • Ground breaking kinetic energy generation system recharges the battery using the natural motion of your arm.
  • Fully upgradable.
  • Employs ultra-low power NFC and Bluetooth.
  • One button press to communicate with your phone.
  • The secure module can be used in order to authenticate the user for entry into partner events.

Other Developments of Armill

  • Smart home integration.
  • Easy Payments.
  • Gesture Control
  • etc.. All upgradable

Materials and Construction

Designing a luxury arm piece for a man was something which required careful judgement. Depending on ethnicity and culture, the band will be engraved differently to suit the wearer.

  • Framed with carbon fiber
  • Embedded with Diamonds
  • Beveled with 18k Gold

Getting an Armill Bracelet

You’ll have to pre-order one of the initial 425 Christophe & Co. Armill devices. Setting the scale as the most expensive wearable device ranging between $75,000 and $150,000.

  • 300 limited edition Virtus models,
  • 100 Orion models, and
  • 25 Apollo models.

INTERLACED was given opportunity to interview CEO of Christophe & Co

Read Interview With Aleksandr Bernhard On Designing Armill


Get VIP Access With Back Stage Treatment Wearing a Christophe & Co Armills bracelet

Pininfarina designed Christophe & Co’s $150K Armill self powering smart bracelet with upgradeable tech

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