Wearable Tech Clothing Fashion Statement

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Infographic: The Predicted Wearables Boom Is All About The Wrist | Statista

Wearable tech fashion will influence a wide range of devices, but standing out on the charts would obviously be smart wrist wear. By 2016, 91 million total units of wearable tech will be shipped and is expected to pass 126 million by 2019. A smaller piece of this statistic is smart clothing. Before 2015 smart clothing was non-existent, but with growing interest, emerging brands like Cityzen Science are bringing smart wearable tech clothing to life.


Tech Fashion Meet Fashion Tech

We’ve seen the technology world focusing on the fashion element, as well as the fashion world focusing on the tech element. Both industries are rather new in each others playing field, but we are beginning to see much more of these two industries merging. Whether it’s for style, convenience, health, or fitness – All windows have been opened for collaboration in designing the right high tech garment for everyone.

MeU, founded by Robert Tu, uses flexible LED panels, and open-source Arduino technology to provide a visual display.  Until smart garments become functional with purpose, it’s unlikely to see it mainstream. This is where MeU intends on bringing out the logical side of high tech fashion.

Polo Shirt introduced by Ralph Lauren and OMsignal is an athletic t-shirt that monitors your vital signals and activity.

Cityzen Science is making leaps with the D-Shirt. It monitors heart rate, speed, aerobic speed, distance, temperature and altitude. With a dozen partners that are showing strong support for the brand Smart Sensing, I think we’ll be hearing more from them.


Wearable Tech Fashion

Some were saying wearable tech will pass on as another fad. Others were saying it was too early for wearables to go mainstream. I believe the timing couldn’t be better, and wearable tech is much more than just a fad.


Forbes Rachel Arthur says “Designers Are Jumping Into The Wearable Tech Space This New York Fashion Week – Should We Care?”


Is Wearable Tech Clothing Fashion Friendly?

Since then, designer lineups prevailed with astonished viewers. FashionNXT 2014 was one of those hosts and more designer lineup will be announced by late summer 2015 – FashionNXT is blurring the boundaries of tech fashion with runway shows and exhibits showcasing the next fashion statement to watch. If Wearable tech is fashion friendly, you can be sure to find out this fall.

On another note, what statement would socks have to make in fashion? Sensoria and their Smart Socks are something of it’s own. A sock sensing pressure of your steps. It can literally teach you how to walk or run properly. How are they doing? Giving away free smart socks and supporting charity is a positive hint.

A statement made by Rachel ” So should we care that the fashion industry is getting involved? Absolutely. But will it make a difference to the scope for wearables to reach the mass market this fashion week? No, not yet.

Surely, they haven’t brought wearable technology to the mass market alone, but they’re role isn’t just that. The fashion industry is blending the two worlds. This itself creates inspiration to move forward into something new. Although it seems the wearable boom was all about the wrist –if projections are correct– wearable tech clothing could be the next to fly. After all, new technology such as flexible batteries & smart fabrics are fascinating to the innovative community.


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