Wearable Tech Expo Awards and Exposure

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Give your company the opportunity to showcase your products and solutions live to a powerful audience. An audience representing leaders in media and technology. The return on investment will triumph any media ads you can ever purchase!

Both exhibitors and sponsors gain huge exposure from media all over the world. Last years event should be a fine example of what more to expect in Las Vegas this August. Below shows the media coverage that appeared at Wearable Tech Expo 2014.


Hundreds of Press are Waiting to See You Demo Your Wearable


Wearable Tech Expo Media Coverage For 2014



Best Wearable Awards at Wearable Tech Expo 2015

On top of gaining huge public exposure, you’ll also be placed in front of possible investors and industry leaders to partner with. If you can provide a product/service that can benefit health, fitness or sports. You have a great opportunity to be awarded for it. The Wearable Tech Expo judges will be looking at all areas including design, software, and even accuracy.

Awards Include:

  • Best Device Award
  • Best Application Award
  • Best Advanced Technology Award
  • Best in Show Award
  • Audience Choice Award


The Wearable Tech Expo specialized in sports & fitness but wearable technology has evolved beyond this. They are well aware and opened their doors to all areas of the industry. Fashion industry executives seeking a strong understanding of Wearable Tech capabilities should head over to the expo. Augmented reality, smart fabrics and connected devices of all kinds will find a welcoming opportunity to showcase their designs. Some of the greatest things happen only by chance. Let this be the chance your product was waiting for.


Ticket / Venue Details: Wearable Tech Expo & Conference 2015 – Las Vegas, US

Event Highlights: Wearable Tech Expo Highlights

Register Here: www.wearabletechworld.com


In one month, New York will become the spotlight for wearable technology. If you and your friends are in town you should definitely pick up an exhibit pass. Drop in and try out some of the newest technology that hasn’t even hit the market yet. It’ll be a blast!


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