Wearable Tech Fashion Experience – Cirque-It – May-21

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Bringing the Sensational and Functional Together


Need a fun eye-dazzling night out? Toronto, Ontario will be hosting Cirque-It. A brilliant performance of circus skills and theatrical technique in an entertaining thematic show with interactive freestyle of wearable tech fashion. Without cutting your evening short, the night will be topped off with a DJ dance party!

With artist and collaborators who fancy technology, 3D printing and fashion — Cirque-It gives us a wearable tech fashion event where high tech fashion is not only eye catchy but functional as well.


Date: May 21, 2015

Location: Trinity St. Toronto, ON

Cost: Early Bird – $20 At Door – $30

(Early bird tickets end May 5th – Head over to cirque-it.com to get yours.)


Want to be in the show or have your wearable tech showcased? (Continue Reading)



Wearable Tech Fashion Experience bringing the sensational and functional together at Cirque-It

Wearable Tech Fashion Experience – Photo Courtesy: Cirque-It

Sensational becomes functional at Cirque-It’s an interactive fashion experience. Visit there website to learn more details and get tickets.

Source: A wearable-tech fashion experience bringing the sensational and functional together – Cirque-It


A Wearable Tech Fashion Experience

Networking, thought-leader presentations, and some of Toronto’s emerging talents found in wearable-tech, fashion, and performance.

Welcoming Wearable Tech & Fashion Experts

Do you specialize in Motion Gesture, EEG, Biometrics, Women’s Wear, and Mens wear and Accessories. Maybe you’re a performer or simply an exciting helpful person.

If you like to take part in the event, either before or during. Cirque-It is looking for enthusiastic volunteers. Whether creator or performer, there’s likely a good reason to take part. Especially if you want to be part of the next big thing.

An Experience of Functional Technology

Characterizing our future and giving us an image of a functional connected world. Cirque-It is exploring wearable technology and their performers will be displaying technology in a very fashionable way. If you developed a wearable device that fits under the following category, I suggest giving them a shout!

  • Display of technology using gesture control through mathematical algorithms.
  • Technology that detects brain signals to give psychic commands (EEG Wearables).
  • Optical devices detecting your face, fingerprints, eyes or veins, for behavioral characteristics.
  • Technology that can be worn aesthetically as accessories.
  • Display fitness tracking, checking messages, and calling with wearable tech.


Join The Wearable Tech Fashion Experience (Or) Follow Cirque-It on Twitter


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