Wearable Tech Fashions Fad

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Wearable Tech Fashions Fad

Circulating the internet and everywhere we look is new activity trackers or watches that do more than just tell the time. Is this the break of a new era? Is science fiction of just 20 years ago becoming a reality? Or, is it all just a temporary fashion fad that will soon fade from it’s popularity?

We asked some of the top experts in tech media what they think about this wearable tech fashions “fad”.





What do Industry Leaders Expect of Wearable Tech?

Let’s put aside tech giants like Samsung or Apple. We all know they’ll likely invest in anything technology.

It is popular clothing brands and luxury time piece makers which are showing concern. Some have already paired up with leading tech innovators to adapt with new demands. Some have completely redesigned their products so they can compete with technology.

  • Gucci and Will.i.am – Hip-hop star to entrepreneur has teamed up with the fashionable Gucci to develop and improve the I.am smart watch.
  • Swatch – A Swiss timepiece maker is keeping it simple but updated with sensors to modernize their watch features.
  • Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren both are showing strong interest in merging their brand with the wearable tech fashion fad. Solar powered jackets and health monitoring t-shirts are a few items to name.

On the side from leaders in fashion, brands like CuteCircuit and Rainbow Winters have emerged with a unique inspiration for bringing the two industries together. Bringing in a more eye catching approach with illuminating fabrics and color changing clothes. This opens windows where retailers or branding giants could soon be flashing logos and advertisements directly on company uniforms.


Is Wearable Tech Fashions Friend?

Many are asking whether fashion can truly stand hand to hand with technology. It’s whether the two will benefit from each other or not. Seeing the possibilities and innovations being created, it’s easy to see the benefits.


A special on CES 2014 talks about a broad range of possibilities


I Think Wearable Tech is Here to Stay

Whether it’s flexible screens, hearables, voice command or gesture sensing. All of this has emerged and evolving as we speak. The full potential for each area of study is still to be discovered. Just as we did with personal computers 30 years ago.

  • 30 years ago, personal computers never had much purpose in a home.
  • 10 years ago, it wasn’t possible to fit these computers in your pocket.
  • 5 years ago, the internet wasn’t connected to cars, watches or home appliances.
  • Today, we can interact with a digital world on top of our own world (Augmented Reality).

Our connected world has grown substantially in the last decade. The internet went from a network of a few computers to a colossal number of devices covering areas from gaming, fitness, military, and simple pleasure. The peak of possibilities were only held back by size limits. Today, nanotechnology is leading us to a new era where technology can be integrated into almost anything.


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