Wearable Tech For Pet Safety And Wellness

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An ID tag is crucial for all pets to have. Since they’re unable to identify themselves to people, we have to do the best we can to do it for them. You can purchase ID tags with QR codes for $10 to $20 on PetHub.com. When someone scans the tag QR code, they will see a profile with important information about your pet. Many people are also getting microchips installed but most chips must be scanned using special devices.

What if that’s not enough?

If you have ever lost a pet before then you know an ID tag still leaves you worrying if you’ll ever see your fury little pal again. Luckily, several companies have this same worry in mind. Some are going all the way in making wearable tech for pet safety and wellness by including activity trackers and vital monitoring in their products.

Below are my top 8 wearables for pets. If you know any wearable tech for pets that should be on this list, let us know in the comments below.


Top 8: Best Wearable Tech for Pet Safety and Wellness



Ever wonder what your pets are up to while you’re away from home? Eyenimal has produced several products for pet health and wellness. PetCam is one of those but can also be great entertainment. A tiny collar camera with a microphone records your pets adventure for a little over two hours. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on it to be a life saver but for $59-$69, it’ll be fun times.

Buy PetCam on amazon

Wearable Tech for Pet Entertainment



Just like a FitBit the FitBark will help improve your dogs lifestyle. A mobile app with breed specific guidelines can show you healthy habits that your pup needs. It can run off your WiFi router as a central hub and lets you know your pet is home and safe.

$99 Buy FitBark on AmazonFitBark - Wearable Tech For Pet Health and Safety



A GPS tracking device for your pet. G-Paws records your pets location every 5 seconds and saves it to your online profile. A motion sensor will detect naps to extend the battery life. A $49 price tag is generous but the heavy GPS usage could have you recharging every day or two. However, during these days you’ll know exactly where your pets are and even the adventures they went on.

$49 Buy on G-Paws.com.

G-Paws Wearable GPS Tracker for dogs or cats



Made by Whistle – Another GPS Pet tracking collar but it also serves as an activity tracker. While keeping tabs on your pets trail, you’ll also know they’re getting the breed specific care they need. TAGG does require a cellular and gps connection so a minimum monthly service of $6.95 is also required. For now it appears to be U.S only. If you are fortunate and can take advantage of this, they offer an accurate way to keep track of your animals.

 $79.99 Buy TAGG on Amazon

Tagg by Whistle - Wearable Tech for Pet Safety and Wellness



An activity tracker that measures your pets vitals including heart rate, respiratory rate, activity, rest levels, and the number of calories burned. Voyce became a crowd attraction at CES 2014 for many animal lovers. Waterproof, dust proof and durable. This pet proof activity tracker is now available to purchase online for $199 with a $95/year wellness plan. The price might be a little steep for some people but they do provide a great deal of resources, expert tips and advice. Not without mentioning its 7 day battery life. Voyce

$199 Buy on Voyce.com

Voyce - Wearable Tech for Pet Health and Fitness



One of the more advanced wearable tech for pet safety. Motorola announced Scout5000 at CES 2015 and it raised a few eyebrows. This activity tracker connects your pooch to to the internet. Literally. Not only that, it’s equipped with a microphone, a speaker, and a camera so you can communicate with your pets while away from home.  Something like this will cost you around $200 but rumor has it, you’ll be given a year worth of 3G service. You’ll need to renew the service after a year to continue benefiting from the features and will cost $20 to $30 from a company called Hubble.

(Scout5000 Coming Soon)

Scout 5000 and 2500 - Wearable Tech for Pet Training and Communication


No More Woof

A device that translate dog thoughts into human language using EKG technology to detect brain activity. No More Woof claims to be the first of it’s kind and with two different models. While it may be skeptical now, it’s a real effort towards better understanding what our pets are thinking. Let me know what you think! As for buying this, I can’t say with confidence that you can just right yet. They launched an Indiegogo campaign last year but are very slow in the communication between their backers. We might just have to wait this one out for a while.

(No More Woof Coming Soon)

No More Bark - Wearable Tech for Pet Communication


Pebblebee Honey

Sweet, simple and with multipurpose. The Pebblebee Honey is a small attachment that will keep you close with your fuzzy pal (Or even your belongings like keys or purse). A one year battery life is nice so you can set it and forget it. It will alert you when your pet is out of range and if you cannot find them a range finder will let you know if you’re getting closer or further away. Reviewers are rating the Pebblebee positively and for under $25 it’s a very affordable wearable for your pet.

$23.99 Buy Pebblebee Honey on Amazon

Applebee - Wearable Tech for Pet Safety and Tracking


Can Wearable Tech Improve Pet Safety and Wellness?


Personally, I think wearable tech for pet safety and wellness is a great idea because most people are living very busy lifestyles. Forgetting about our own health and wellness is easy enough so overlooking our pets is likely the case as well. Innovation in this direction could give us peace at mind knowing they are behaving healthy and in a safe location at all times. Although some of these pet wearables are in the early stages of development and some not yet available. I’m anxiously waiting for updates and will let you in on the details the moment I know.


What is your favorite pet wearable listed?


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