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Wearable Technology Show Trade Fair Expos Events 2015

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2015 Events

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WT Show 2015 – ISPO, Germany

February 5-8 @ ISPO – Munich, Germany

ISPO is the worldwide largest and most important trade show for the sports business. 100 exhibitors and huge media interest made this an important event for wearable tech innovators.

After looking through the agenda there were notable speakers with interesting discussions. Below are those that drew my attention most.

Event Highlights

  • Wearables and Smart Data, The Missing Link to the Internet of Things by Bandar Antabi
  • WTF are Calories by Vincent Lauer, CMO, Fabulyzer
  • ProGlove – Wearables for Professionals by Thomas Kirchner
  • Revolution in smart biosensing clothing by Zeev Zalevsky, FabriXense
  • Skin-Based Wearables moderated by Mikko Malmivaara
  • Technologies Inside the Body moderated by Marije Nieuwenhuis
  • Designing Wearable Devices with Security in Mind by Chantal Abadie
  • Sweat, Microfluidics, and Sensors: Physiological Monitoring
  • Innovations for Next Generation of IoT devices
  • How Wearable Technology Will Change Your Business by Philippe Van Caenegem

Register Here: (Ended)

A fantastic start for wearable technology in 2015, and it looks like many other events are to come.

Photo Courtesy: ISPO


Wearables TechCon 2015 – Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, CA

March 9-11 @ Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, CA, United States

For OEM builders, designers, and developers of wearable computing technology. Exhibitors from Sony, Google, Intel, IBM, and countless more discussing important topics that must be covered before wearable technology can evolve further.

  • Ethics: Wearables, Data Collection and Privacy
  • Visions: The Future of Augmented Reality Devices
  • The Quantified Self: Fitness Devices and Apps
  • What’s Up Doc? The Wearable Healthcare Revolution
  • Hardware and Design Track
  • Software and App Development Track

Register here: www.wearablestechcon.com (ended)

Wearable Tech Con - Wearable Tech Show 2015

Photo Courtesy: Hyatt Regency Santa Clara


Wearable Technology Show 2015 – Excel, London

March 10-11 @ Excel – London, England

Because of last years growth, they’ve expanded and moved to London’s Excel center. With 200 speakers and over 100 wearable companies, it’ll certainly be an amazing event. Quoting “Augmented Reality 2015” means one thing. There will be many headsets, goggles and high tech glasses for you to try out here. Along side the many other wearable technology you can test out, expect this to be the world’s largest wearable tech show, expo and conference in 2015. So if you’re in town, be sure you head over to Excel!

Event Highlights

  • Medical – Gadgets to keep us living “I’m in!”
  • Performance Sports & Fitness
  • Product, Payments & Retail
  • Smart Textiles & Fashion
  • Augmented Reality – High tech goggles and glasses
  • Start Up Theatre – See what the new guys are working on.
  • Connected Living

Register Here: www.wearabletechnologyshow.net

Photo Courtesy: Excel


M2M World Congress 2015

April. 28-29 @ Grand Connaught Rooms, London, UK

Technology is evolving at an alarming rate, and the M2M World Congress is making sure others are aware and ready for the challenges. Machine to machine technology is raising questions and widespread obstacles that’ll be brought to the table at this event. Leaders in the industry will be watching and taking part as they establish sustainable solutions to advance in junction with the demands of big data and the Internet of things.

It won’t be a dazzling event to show off new products to the public, but a serious collaboration of topics and big thinkers to brainstorm challenges and bring us forward in the world of technology.

Event Highlights

Day 1

  • How Internet of Things Will Disrupt Businesses and Industries
  • M2M for The Enterprise in IoT
  • Establishing Successful M2M Verticals in Emerging Markets
  • Innovating IoT Solutions with Big Data, Cloud and M2M Technologies
  • Healthcare M2M Market: How to Exploit mHealth & Telehealth
  • Building an IoT PaaS from The Ground Up
  • Emerging Trends and Opportunities in 2015
  • Taking Control of The IoT Value Chain
  • Exploring The Impact of Wearable Technology & Biometrics on Global M2M Market
  • Connected Car and The IoT Cloud
  • Emerging Role of M2M Applications in Internet of Things Services
  • Using M2M to Explore “Real” IoT Market Opportunity
  • How Telematics will Help Grow The Internet of Things Market
  • Top 5 M2M Security Challenges
  • Investing in M2M/IoT Startups
  • Choosing The Right M2M Platform
  • The Growing Importance of M2M Cellular Networks
  • Meet The Experts – Exploring Emerging M2M Verticals

Day 2

  • Hidden M2M Opportunities in Emerging Markets
  • Future of Asset Tracking and Fleet Management
  • A look at The M2M Market in Asia-Pacific till 2020
  • The Role of Operators in the IoT
  • Connected Home – How to Win with M2M Partners
  • Launching Smart M2M Services with The IoT Cloud
  • Exploring New Business Models in M2M Ecosystem
  • Exploring The Impact of Satellite Industry on M2M Applications
  • Future of MNOs in M2M Market
  • Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data – The Role for M2M
  • Transforming Businesses with M2M Intelligence
  • M2M solutions in Production Today – Why?, How? and ROI?
  • Networking & Refreshment break
  • From M2M Data to IoT Data: Analytics New Frontier
  • Meet The Experts – Exploring M2M Forecasts for 2016-2018

Register Here: www.m2mconference.com/registration

Grand Connaught Rooms hosting M2M World Congress 2015

Photo Courtesy: Grand Connaught Rooms


eMerge Americas Tech Conference Miami:

May 1st – 5th @ Miami Beach Convention Center – Florida, United States

A show, a conference, a technology revolution and a party for all to join. Whether a college student, or an innovative company wanting to get in on the action, eMerge has something for you. It’s a 5 day event full of opportunities and tech excitement including device showcases and contests. Yes! Contests with over $100,000 in prize money to be won.

Event Highlights

Register Here: emergeamericas.org/Register

Miami Beach Convention Center - WTF Show


Smart Fabrics & Wearable Technology 2015

May 11-13 @ Embarcadero Center San Francisco, United States

While the fashion industry is newer in the tech neighborhood, last year was a big success with over 300  leaders discussing technology and product development. This year will spark rise of new innovative ideas and connections made at this event, so don’t miss it! Spanning 3 days and covering almost every aspect of wearable tech fashion, and both challenges and breakthroughs made so far.

Event Highlights

  • Today’s Wearable Revolution: Bridging the Origins with the Future
  • The Hardware Challenge: Going from Prototype to High Volume Manufacturing
  • Navigating the IP Minefield in Wearable Tech
  • Engineering fashion
  • Wearable light in fashion
  • Engineering the apparel design process
  • Innovative Solutions for Thin Flexible Batteries
  • A social model of Design for Wearable Medical Devices
  • New opportunities for energy storage design
  • How to Monetize Wearable Apps with Advertising
  • Marrying tech and fashion to deliver true wearable innovation
  • Successful Partnerships with Retail, how to get your product into market
  • Inspirational design with UX in mind
  • Textile antenna embedded in clothing for energy harvesting
  • Perception technology on the body
  • Fashion Trends: Millenials vs Gen X, Y, Baby Boomers
  • Design challenges which will arise from the convergence of technology and biology
  • ‘own’ the data which is generated by our bodies
  • How to get started resource wise
  • Mass Customization
  • 3D Printing
  • Retail challenges for wearables

Register Here: www.smartfabricsconference.com/register

Embarcadero Center: Smart Fabrics + Wearable technology conferance

Photo Courtesy: www.embarcaderocenter.com


Wearable and Flexible Technologies World 2015

May 27-29 @ Crowne Plaza Shanghai, P.R. China

What a place for wearable tech innovators! Some of your problems might just get solved while participating at the Wearable and Flexible Technologies conference in China. While big data has been a major concern with large corporations, another big concern for inventors in device size and efficiency. Improving battery life and flexibility of materials is a topic many technologist are getting excited over. Last years event brought together major companies and tech specialists. It was a major success which is almost guaranteed to repeat itself again this year with Grant Allen, Wallace Wu, Je Young Kim and Leopold Beer as major speakers.

If you’re a President/ Vice President, CEO/ Managing Director/ Partner, General Manager, Director/ Manager, Engineer or a Information Technology Manager, hold yourself a meeting and head over to Shanghai in May.

Event Highlights

  • Global Market Analysis; Opportunities in China
  • Latest breakthrough on wearable technologies
  • Big Data & Cloud computing
  • Case Studies: wearable tech gadgets like Watches, Glasses, wristband, etc.
  • Battery & Power solutions
  • Flexible Electronics: Flexible Display/ Flexible Circuit/ Flexible OPV & battery
  • Smart materials, smart sensors, NFC, M2M application

Register Here: www.wearableandflex.com/online.html

Wearable and Flexible Technologies Conference - Crowne Plaza Shanghai

Photo Courtesy: Crowne Plaza Shanghai



Decoded Fashion Tokyo Summit 2015

July 9th, 2015 @ Tokyo American Club – Tokyo, Japan

Expect this to be an executive summit exploring all wearable tech fashion possibilities. From designing to creating and from shopping to wearing. It’s a factor in fashioning technology the world is looking for. If you’re involved in fashion and retail or startups such as – payment systems, software vendors, internet developers, solution providers, and advertising – this is an event you’ll benefit from.

Tokyo’s event is also holding a contest for innovators to resolve industries leading questions. A contest focusing on the newest ideas in eCommerce, in-store experiences, and personalized customer experiences. The winner will be featured on Vogue, GQ and WIRED in Japan. They’ll also be given a chance to showcase in Tokyo in August with paid airfare.

Your ticket to the Tokyo Summit 2015 gives you access to inspirational keynotes, insightful panels, creative thinkers, and the best in emerging technologies.

Event Highlights

  • Panel Discussion: Connecting with the Millennial
  • The Connected Consumer
  • Google – Creating a Luxury Strategy
  • Discussion on exploring a new audience
  • Panel Discussion: A Global Market Place, Changing The Way We Shop
  • Presentation: Brand Success Stories
  • The Digital Age + Insta- Identities
  • The Changing Face of Retail
  • Startup competition
  • Closing with: Luxury in the Digital Age
  • Starup Winner Announced with Closing remarks

Register Here: http://decodedfashion-en.peatix.com

Wearable Tech Event - Decoded Fashion @ Tokyo American Club

Wearable Tech Expo & Conference – Las Vegas, US

July 13-15, 2015 @ Caesars Palace – Las Vegas, United States

Host to a variety of events including consumer shows, banquets, and conventions. The wearable Tech Expo held will be a keynote event attracting investors, experts and innovators from around the world. A wide array of topics will be covered with health and fitness as one of the openers to warm up the event. It will be strongly advised for anybody in the wearable tech industry to head over and connect. Throughout the event highlights will be granted time for lunch, exhibit viewing and valuable networking.

Event Highlights

  • Training the Data: From Gym to Screen
  • The New Home Field Advantage Part I (The Player)
  • The New Home Field Advantage Part 2 (The Team)
  • Everyday Health
  • Making Wearables Fit
  • Presentation by: United States Olympic Committee, Pebble, Deloitte, DCI-Artform, Perpetual, Qualcomm, Pivothead, Consumer Electronics Association, Motorola, 
  • Why Wearable Tech is a $50 Billion Market
  • The Business of Wearables
  • Wearables @ Work
  • Making Music with the “second skin.” The Future of Music
  • Wearing a Sound Perfume
  • The Power of Brands and Wearable Technology
  • Wearable, Smartphone and the Future of Audio
  • Wearable Technology & Fashion Audio™
  • It’s not the Device, It’s the Data: Creating Effective Wearables
  • Looks are Everything: Design and Fashion in Wearable Tech
  • Wrist Reform: The Smart Watch Dilemma
  • Do You See What I See: Head-mounted Wearables
  • Living with Augmented Reality

Register Here: www.wearabletechexpo.com/lasvegas

A Wearable Tech Show in Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Las Vegas


Wearable Tech LA 2015 – PCC, California

July 17th, 2015 @ Pasadena Convention Center – California, United States

A shorter but noteworthy  event. Already with 20 keynotes, cutting-edge technologies, investment opportunities, and 50 speakers appearing. This will be a fantastic opportunity for us to see the direction of wearable technology. Entertainment, health, and internet of things will be discussed, and how wearables are becoming more important to our life.

Event Highlights

  • Wearables On the Periphery
  • Designathon teams Demo Their Extreme Wearables
  • Everything Ingestable, Implantable
  • The Wearable Economy

Register here: www.wearabletechla.com

Photo Courtesy: Pasadena Convention Center


Interlaced 2015 – London

September 3rd @ The Boiler House – London, UK

Exploring creativity, innovation, and digital fashion with brilliant minds. Update yourself on the world of wearable tech fashion with the newest high tech garments on the market. See designers like Cute Circuit displaying the most eye catching fashion show you’ll ever witness. All including exhibitors and speakers that are excited to show off the newest gadgets waiting to hit the market. Interlaced 2015 will be a great opportunity for startups, investors, brands, and enthusiasts alike who are looking to explore the possibilities of our connected world.

“The program aims to inspire, educate, communicate and showcase the latest developments in fashion and technology.” Interlaced.co

Event Highlights

  • Future Talent in Fashion & Technoloy
  • Fashion Innovation in 3d Printing
  • Implications of Fashion Tech on Business
  • Consumer Adoption of Wearable Tech
  • How Tech is Changing Fashion
  • Wearable Tech / Computational Fashion

Register Here: 2015.Interlaced.co

Boiler House - Interlaced 2015

Boiler House – London, UK


Wearable Tech Expo 2015 – Tokyo

September 7th – 8th @ Tokyo Fashion Town Building – Tokyo, Japan

This years event is said to be double in size from last year, but the schedule isn’t released yet. This year, we do know we’ll be hearing many discussions on IoT. You can also see live demos, listen to case studies, and talk with VR tech experts. Another fantastic opportunity for new start ups to head over and build great connections with world leaders in technology. It will be worth checking out because from what I know, the guest speakers will have there own surprise innovations to share. After all, it’s Tokyo!

Event Highlights

  • Coming Soon

 Register here: www.wearabletechjapan.com

Tokyo Fashion Town Building

Photo Courtesy: Tokyo Fusion Town Building


WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 Canada

September 10th @ MaRS Discovery District, Toronto

Canada’s largest city will be hosting a WT | Wearable Technologies Conference. This will bring a huge opportunity for Canadian companies to pitch in. A keynote session presents elevator pitches from Canadian companies and a social get together toward the end of the day. Investors, engineers, fashion tech designers, innovators and CEO’s should attend this event. You’ll experience the latest development in sensors, smart clothing, smart watches, and connected everything.

Event Highlights

  • The Latest in Enabling Tech
  • Canada Special – elevator pitches from Canadian companies
  • Best in Class Products and New Areas of Application
  • The Greater Wearable Ecosystem and Beyond

Register Here: www.wearable-technologies.com/register

MaRS Centre, Toronto - WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015

Photo Courtesy: MaRS Centre, Toronto


Wearable Technology UX 2015 – London UK

September 22-23 @ Central Saint Martins – London, UK

Dedicated to the user experience and held by this program takes a different approach. Deeper into the psychology to the evolution of technology and talking about what makes something a “must have” product. Through the two days a lot will be learned and a lot of connections will be made. Early bird tickets are available, so if you plan to show up, get your tickets early.

Event Highlights

  • Evolution of wearables
  • Wearables is dead and so is the user
  • Trends in wearable tech and future materials
  • Wearable experiences for the next generation
  • The Internet of Treacherous Things
  • How can fragrance show us ways of designing and promoting other wearable products?
  • The practice of tattooing in modern society:
  • Augmented human experience and insight: Body function, appearance, capability
  • The future of you
  • New types of interactions: What happens when these wearable devices become invisible?
  • Wearables are meant to be touched and felt
  • Worn and outworn: Essential self technologies for autonomic resilience
  • Industry Applications in User Experience
  • UX Learnings from Google Glass: Making wearables become beloved by consumers
  • Wearables, Intimacy and Love
  • Privacy Concerns
  • How to create technology people rely on
  • Design handles for wearable solutions
  • A wearable will be an always worn piece of technology when it delivers on three key principles

Register Here: www.wearabletechnologyux.com/register

Central St Martin's College of Art and Design

Photo Courtesy: Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design


Wear It Festival Berlin

September 23 – 25 @ Alte Teppichfabrik in Berlin

A grand gathering of entrepreneurs, designers, investors, scientists and media. Wear It is an opportunity to present ideas or products. Or simply to experience exciting new wearable gadgets first hand. If you’re enthusiastic about modern Fashion, Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, IOT & Connected Life. Check your schedule to find out if you can show up. The earlier you get your tickets the cheaper it will be.

Early Bird / Very Early Bird tickets are available and a limited number of students get a special discount. It’ll give you access to the Wear It regular program on September 24 & 25 with symposium, exhibition sessions and a closing party.

Business + VIP Dinner tickets will give you all the above but with kinda like a back stage pass. All inclusive with dinner, your company name on the badge, an attendees list and picture package. You’ll get to meet everyone and possibly gain business insights or partnership opportunities.

Register Here: www.wearit-berlin.com/tickets

Wear It - Wearable Tech Show in Berlin

Photo Courtesy: wearit-berlin.com


WT | Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 Asia

October 12, 2015 – Renaissance Harbour View Hotel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong will be the place to be for any entrepreneur or businessman interested in technology. WT | Wearable Technologies brings its conference to Asia for a huge networking opportunity. Taking place 1 day before the Hong Kong Trade Fair will make it a perfect opportunity to join two important wearable technology events this year.

Event Highlights

  • Enabling Tech – Wireless power, battery power, design, security, smart clothing, sensors and simplifying life with wearables.
  • Best in Class Products – Prototyping, UI insight, cloud service and smart glasses.

Register Here: www.wearable-technologies.com

Renaissance Harbour View Hotel - WT - Wearable Technologies Conference 2015 Hong Kong

Courtesy of: Renaissance Harbour View Hotel


Wearable Tech Torino: Hackathon

November 14-15 @ I3P – Incubator of Politecnico di Torino

Look no further wearable tech hackers because there’s a competition you don’t want to miss. Drop over to the WTT hackathon and help create software solutions for wearable technology. An event where you’ll meet some code happy peers, and challengers who’ll be thirsty for prizes. The Hackathon also foresees the participation of Microsoft and Arduino as technical partners, so this could mean big things for anybody looking to advance in this field.

Hackathon winners will be chosen and awarded on Sunday, November 21st at the Wearable Tech Torino event at Lingotto Fiere hall 5.

Register Here: www.wearabletechtorino.com

Incubator of Politecnico di Torino

Photo courtesy of: Incubator of Politecnico di Torino


Medica Trade Fair 2015 – Germany

November 16-19 @ Messe Düsseldorf – Dusseldorf, Germany

WT – Wearable Technologies Show will be appearing with companies such as AIQ Smart Clothing, Kinestica, Evena Medical, and several others. It’s a massive presentation of products and ideas in the medical field. Accounted for as the worlds largest medical trade fair for top decision makers.  Innovators with interest in medical related wearables should really consider participating in this event.

Event Highlights

  • Electromedicine
  • Medical Technology
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Diagnostics, Physiotherapy
  • Orthopaedic Technology
  • Commodities and Consumer Goods
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Medical Services and Publications

Register Here: www.medica-tradefair.com

Medica Trade Fair - Conference Hall

Photo Courtesy: Medica


Wearable Tech Torino: Lingotto Fiere

November 20-21 @ Lingotto Fiere Hall 5

Free event, and first of it’s nature solely targeted at the consumers. 45 companies and startups will be showing off there products. You’ll have an opportunity to try out some of the newest products on the market, some which haven’t even hit the market. Take part in debates, conferences and presentations led my world leaders in wearable technology and innovation.

If you’re in Turin then don’t miss out! This ones free of charge and designed to help familiarize the public of this new industry. Bringing insights and ideas directly to the consumer is the objective of Wearable Tech Torino.

Event Highlights

  • Introduction to Android Wear
  • Smart – Textile: the wearable meets textiles
  • Arduino Lillypad: wearable at a strings length
  • The future of wearable technology in medicine
  • Round table on the future of wearable technology
  • Award ceremony for winners of the Hackathon

Register Here: http://www.wearabletechtorino.com

Lingotto Fiere - Wearable Tech Torino 2015

Photo Courtesy: Lingotto Fiere


Wearable Technology Show USA

Dec 1 – 2 @ Santa Clara California

5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Pay attention to this one because I think something big is going to come out of the US event. It’s getting serious in the science and medical world that wearable technology is the next step in their field. Wearable monitors that track all kinds of vital stats not without including brain EKG technology to help us think better. I read something about batteries and one of the main topics is the next evolution of batteries. 3D printing is becoming so perfect that it’s now being considered for medical application. If you’re at all excited like you should be than drop down to Santa Clara Convention Center on the 1st of December. Below are some, but not all, of the discussions you’ll have the opportunity to attend.

Event Highlights

  • Reaping the IoT benefit – without losing your brain
  • The Big Debate – Where are wearables headed ?
  • 3D Printing Medical Technology in the Wearables Era
  • Innovative Textiles – a new idea
  • Smart Clothing – the next ten years
  • Medical Wearables
  • Wearables in Retail
  • The Future of Wearable Apps
  • Developing for wearables – the keys to building a successful app platform
  • Sound of VR
  • Flexible printed circuit technology and what it means for the future of wearables.
  • Enhancing Mental Acuity with Wearable Photobiomodulation
  • Funding your hardware startup
  • Hearables – The Potential to Solve Real Consumer Problems
  • Innovation Spotlight – Battery Technology
  • The Fashion Watch Evolves to the Fashion Smartwatch… Opportunities, Challenges and Considerations
  • Mobile Rules of Engagement—Why Augmented Reality Captivates Consumers So Well

Register Here: www.wearabletechnologyshow.net/us-registration


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  • Roslyn

    Love the technology in it all!
    Who would not want to attend a London, Tokyo or New York event of wearable technology? One would be surrounded by smart, creative and technology advanced people. Very, very exciting!
    Browsed your enjoyable website, and bookmarked it. It makes me, with my lower level tech skills, feel more a part of it all.
    Where can I find the smart socks?

    • WTFman Post author

      If you’re in Italy, I recommend checking out Wearable Tech Torino if you want something for personal entertainment. There will be loads of new wearable technology to try out, and it’s free!

      The Smart Socks are available to order from Sensoria website. You might be able to win a pair – Find out more info here: how to walk properly – learn using smart socks