Wearable Tech Show – 2016 Events

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Wearable Tech Show – 2016 Events


2015 proved itself to be an extraordinary year for technology. Secure payments with a swipe of your phone. Fast DNA sequencing. Affordable smart homes. Functional augmented reality, Cool drones and countless varieties of smartwatches/activity trackers. You can be sure that another high tech year is approaching and we’re covering the most important events held for tech investors, enthusiasts and influencers.


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2016 Wearable Tech Show List

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Wearables TechCon – Silicon Valley

July 19/20 @ San Jose Convention Center, California

What better place for a new tech startup or investor to be  than Northern California (a.k.a Silicon Valley). You might want to register early because you’ll save a load of money when registered before Jan 15. Last years event brought managers from product design, engineering, marketing and CEO’s. All who were their to share/experience ideas that received more media and association support than any other event.

Over 60 tech sessions and panels covering:

  • Product Design
  • Electronic Engineering for Wearables Devices
  • Embedded System Development
  • Software Design
  • Application Development
  • Leading SDKs

Expo Only Pass is Free if you register before Jan 15

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Wearable Technology Show – Excel, London

March 15/16 @ Excel, London

The Wearable Technology Show hosted at Excel is the worlds leading B2B trade show for IoT and wearable technology. An exploration of cutting edge technologies from the latest wearable development and a collaboration of brilliant inventors. This year, Augmented Reality and a IoT Connect Show will bring a little extra excitement to the table. As an attendee, you’ll explore the business applications of wearable technology through 9 track sessions, hear keynote presentations from industry influencers, while adding valuable contacts to your network.

Track highlights:

  • Innovation & IOT Main Stage
  • Medical
  • Performance Sports & Fitness
  • Product, Payments & Retail
  • Smart Textiles & Fashion
  • Augmented Reality
  • Start Up Theatre
  • Connected Living
  • Enterprise & M2M

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 WT- Wearable Technologies Conference, Germany

Jan 26/27 @ Munich, Germany

The WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences is an event where you can try out the latest gadgets and talk to international companies about their latest developments. The event is lined up with 2 days worth of insightful monologues from CEO’s and enthusiasts who have pushed the industry into overdrive. Below are some but not all of the session topics you’ll have a chance to take part in.

In midst there will be the WT Innovation World Cup Award where contestants compete for prizes worth $200,000. Register before November 15th if you have an idea worth sharing.

Session Topics:

  • Wrist in the Spotlight: Smart Watches & Wristbands
  • SmartBand, Smartphone and Lifelog – empowerment
  • More Than Just the Next Smartwatch
  • Wearables and Smart Data, The Missing Link to the Internet of Things
  • Headwear & Hearables
  • Vital Signs out of the Ear: Revolutionizing Sports & Health
  • WTF are Calories?
  • Wearables: From Data to Health: A Crucial Transition
  • Make it Wearable
  • Extending the Body moderated
  • Tear down Barriers with WT
  • Heidi’s Story – From Cardiovascular Disease To a Wearable Technologies Frontrunner
  • Wearable Exoskeletons for Gait Training and Assistance
  • Empowering Perfection In Human Movement
  • Notch: Wearable Motion Capture
  • Wearable Technology is Sensor Technology
  • Lose Weight & Improve Your Eating Habits
  • Micro-current wearable device for dermo-therapeutic applications
  • Winning the wearable market with battery friendly GPS
  • Oncall Live Video Body Cameras
  • Why connectivity is a challenge in wearables and how we fix it with IspoPod
  • Sensory Messaging, A New Dimension in Digital Communication
  • Revolution in smart biosensing clothing
  • The Garment is the Computer
  • Live Teardown of One of the Most Advanced Fitness Trackers to Date
  • eSkin Tattoo
  • Iontophoretic cosmetics patch and other wearables
  • Why prick when you can scan: New technology in diabetes management
  • Designing a Wearable that Takes the Guesswork out of Pregnancy
  • Technologies Inside the Body moderated
  • Fitness & Health – Evolution to Revolution
  • The Latest in Enabling Tech moderated
  • Designing Wearable Devices with Security in Mind
  • Sweat, Microfluidics, and Sensors: Making Wearables as Good as Implantables for Physiological Monitoring
  • Ceramics for Wearables: State of the Art Material for Smartwatches and More
  • Making it Big with Something Small
  • Innovations for Next Generation of IoT devices
  • WT and the Intelligent Environment
  • How Wearable Technology Will Change Your Business
  • Wearables – Just another hype or the next big thing?
  • Compete in live sports events from anywhere

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Wearable Tech Expo – Florida, United States

Jan 25/28 @ Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Executives, designers, developers and decision makers across the globe gathered at the Wearable Tech Expo 2015 in Las Vegas. Attendees walked away with awesome giveaways including a $15,000 value grand prize draw. The same treatment is expected again for 2016.

Their success unfolds in 2016 with supporters from Microsoft and keynote speakers from Intel. While the conferences span through the 4 day event; the exhibits will begin on the 26th. If you’re just looking to entertain your day then get yourself a free expo plus pass online.

Tech Sessions Covered in 2015:

  • Making Your Wearable App Relevant
  • Living with Wearables
  • The Sound of Wearables
  • Maximizing Platform Exclusive Wearables
  • Wearables for the Enterprise
  • Gesture This: Wearable Tech for Simpler Living
  • Which Wearables will Become Part of Everyday Life
  • Defining, Designing, and Developing a Wearable Roadmap
  • Enhancing Quality of Life with Wearables
  • Sensors and Sports: What are the Possibilities?
  • Safety First: Safer Sports with Wearables
  • Fitness Craze: Making Sense of the Trackers
  • The Makings of the Tesla App for Apple Watch and Android Wear
  • Elegant Lifestyle Meets Relevant Technology
  • Making the Connection
  • Future of Healthcare Wearables
  • Future of Smart Eyewear in a Post-Google Glass World
  • Making in the Classroom

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