Wearable Tech Taking Off – Is It With Purpose?

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Will Wearable Technology Take Off? Photo Credit: Keoni Cabral – www.flickr.com/photos/keoni101


Is wearable technology just another fad or is there a true purpose?

If you’re like myself then it’s safe saying this: “If a device isn’t improving my life, or at least entertaining me, then it’s a device I really don’t need”.

Smartphones seem to have done both for many people. The convenience of staying connected is creating a dependence on them. A dependence leading to distractions from personal face to face interactions. Before I see wearable tech taking off it will have to help me accomplish something in a way I could never before. Or bring back our social face to face interactions.


There are times when our phones should be kept aside:

  • You’re at work.
  • You’re in business meeting.
  • You’re driving a vehicle.
  • You’re relaxing on holiday.
  • You’re sitting with friends chatting or watching a video game. (When suddenly, everyone is looking at their smart phones!)

Except for important notifications it would be easy to just step away from our phone and forget about it.

Wikipedia Commons : On Cell Phones - Wearable Tech Taking off to save humanity

Wikipedia Commons : On Cell Phones


We’re constantly distracted by notifications whether they’re important or not.. Sometimes the not so important notification turn into Facebook or Twitter trolling very quickly. All in good time, you receive the important notification you were waiting for… Now it’s time to leave. (What a social life!)



Kate Unsworth @kateuns of Kovert Designs knows this best and she’s on a mission. One that she hopes will bring back our human to human interaction.

“We want to empower people to be able to take a step away from their mobile phone, so that they can stop being distracted, concentrate on real life and live in the moment.” Says Unsworth

Altruis (Watch Video Below) is how Kovert Designs will accomplish this. It will make social media less obtrusive by subtly filtering notifications into fashion bracelets, rings and necklaces. With a modular design the Altruis has interchangeable pendants to switch up the appearance. Discreet notifications can be set with a unique vibration for an important phone number, email, or social network contact. Kate Unsworth has also mentioned providing gesture control for smart homes while keywords can silent the evening for you. 


Like Kate Unsworth, I strongly believe wearable technology is much more than about connecting us. Innovations like Altruis can shine light onto why it’s more than that. With the right tools “Smart Jewelry” we can invite more personal time in our life for those that are most important to us.


What other wearable technology ideas have genuine purpose?

  • Smart Fabrics is a term gaining familiar ground. A range of ideas go from embedded sensors with conductive fibers seamlessly integrated into the fabrics. To fabrics detailed microscopically to perform a specific task. The possibilities have become limitless.
  • Pro Glove is a unique idea that’s intuitively improving work efficiency for plant workers, manufacturer workers, and parts workers. It scans bar codes, temperature and more to relay necessary information for workers. It saves loads of production time.
  • Muse was an idea established to improve focus and attention. The muse headband uses EKG sensors and a smartphone app to analyze and develop your concentration using meditative exercises.
  • Woax developed smart headphones that doesn’t interfere with your hearing. Instead of blocking your ear canal the Woax bypasses this using bone conduction technology. A smart connection to your phone gives you voice activated hands free action.

These are just a few ideas that’ll help us step away from our phone or help us improve the efficiency of things we do. 5 years ago none of this existed and now it does exist.

Do you think wearable tech is taking off?


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