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The idea of wearing hi-tech gadgets and sensor based clothing only crossed my mind as science fiction entertainment. This wasn’t even a decade ago.

Top 5 Wearable Technology Ideas that came true

Wearable technology ideas like smart watches and fitness bands are now a common sight. Technology can be woven right into fabrics with a variety of sensors. Even augmented reality is in fact reality. One company is designing clothes that provide medical benefits such as skin hydration (I’ll tell you more about them below).

Many have dubbed 2015 as the biggest year for wearable technology. Some of the innovative ideas demonstrated earlier in the year so far have already proven this. What used to be ideas are now the real deal! Among the many, below are what I think are the top 5 wearable technology ideas that came true. (Not Including Microsoft HoloLens)


Top 5 Wearable Technology Ideas That Came True


5. Wearable Experiments

To some, if I say Wearable Experiments you might think of school projects or geek play. Others who witnessed last years events know that Wearable Experiments or ” We:eX” has become an innovative new approach to bring fashion & technology together. Their ideas are sure to interest many people, but my favorite one will make sure you’ll never get lost.

Navigation Paris by We:eX will notify you to turn left or right and when you arrive at your destination. It’s an elegant jacket and a fantastic guide for exploring outside your neighborhood and keeping your eyes free of a screen. Although it’s limited to Paris now, I think this idea may go mainstream in the near future.

Navigate Paris Jacket - Wearable Technology Ideas #5

Photo Courtesy: wearableexperiments.com


4. Workaround UG

Work is exactly what Workaround UG is aiming to improve. They demonstrated one of the top innovative ideas presented at Intel’s Make it Wearable contest in 2014 and winners of the IoT/M2M Innovation World Cup 2014/2015. Today, they are perfecting the design & performance of an intuitive work glove.

ProGlove has made work easier. People working with parts numbers, labeling, database searching, bar code scanning, manufacturing, tools, and more will love the ProGlove. The ability to scan items for barcodes, temperature and metal thickness are some of the handy features of this glove. It displays the necessary information for the worker on the wrist. Check out the video here: Smart Glove for Workers

Wearable Technology Ideas - #4 - ProGlove is a smart glove made for workers in production, manufacturing and logistics


3. Sensoria

Sensoria is focused on wireless wearables for sports, wellness and medical applications. They work close with charities “Especially Local” holding events that support clothing and basic needs for people in need. They have already given away hundreds of prizes at charity walk-a-thon’s.

Smart Socks are shining light on heavy walkers or athletes who want to improve their walking or running posture. Doing so with sensors that notify you when too much pressure is applied to different areas of your foot. They can literally help you walk better while supporting people who need help in other ways.

Wearable Technology Ideas - #3 - Smart Socks by Sensoria

Photo Courtesy – SensoriaFitness.com


2. InteraXon

If you’ve been overwhelmed with thoughts lately then you’ll be interested in what InteraXon has developed. With the goal to relieve stress or better respond to stress they came up with a fantastic idea. Now it’s available to purchase on Amazon.

MUSE evolved from the idea of relaxing and developing your focus and concentration. Using wearable EEG technology and software on your smartphone. It’s now possible for anybody to perform concentration meditation. From the reviews it seems they are doing exactly that. So awesome job InteraXon!

Wearable Technology Ideas - #2 - Muse Headband


1. Empatica

Empatica has health and wellness at it’s forefront of innovation. Medical grade technology is becoming wearable and the goal for Empatica is to give everyone the opportunity to track important health information while on the go. They are in constant development and making huge steps forward in the medical community.

Embrace is a personal well being wrist band. It measures skin conductance, temperature, and motion. Specially designed for people with epilepsy to help detect seizures early.

– E4 Bracelet allows for open source development for software designers and programmers. Those who study in the medical field will find this very intriguing. Especially if they have a technical background. Loaded with several more sensors, this wristband may represent the template of future health devices.

1. Empatica has my favorite of wearable technology ideas

Photo Courtesy: Empatica.com


Experience The Latest Wearable Technology Ideas


Whether you’re an inventor, investor, or simply curious about new technology. Check out the upcoming events below. See demonstrations, try new products, hear case studies or even find business opportunities.

What part will you play in the evolution of wearable technology?

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2 thoughts on “Wearable Technology Ideas That Came True

  • John

    Some of these wearable technology ideas that have come true are quite amazing!
    In particular I like the Sensoplex socks.
    I think they would be very handy for me as I can be quite heavy footed when I am running around playing sports, and that has caused a few injuries over the last couple of years.
    It is very interesting to see what other ideas people have that will come true over the next few years.
    Great post!

    • WTFman Post author

      Glad you think so John and thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sensoplex is doing amazing things for local communities so keep your ears open for their events. They could end up in your town, but you can order them straight from the website. I’ll be following them closely as I too am a huge fan of them.