Bring Your Wearable Technology Ideas To Italy

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Do You Have Wearable Technology Ideas?

Considered the cradle of Italian liberty and an important business and cultural center in northern Italy. Turin, has been known for it’s architecture and recently it’s auto manufacture Fiat. Now it’s looking to become the center of technology and innovations in Europe. Bring your wearable technology ideas to Italy this November and you could have investors, partners and opportunities flaunting your idea.


Programmers & Computer Engineers Opportunity

A huge event is taking place with 1000’s of visitors checking out wearable technology from around the world. Right now, “Road to WTT” is working up a huge audience for this very event.

1 week before this event will be a Hackathon. Engineers, software developers, and thought leaders will be collaborating to overcome hurdles in the industry. Providing the best solutions for current challenges could land you right in front of these opportunities.


What’s Happening?Wearable Tech Torino Wants Wearable Technology Ideas

Wearable Tech Torino is happening November 20th and 21st.

A group run by students have been making it happen in Turin. Going by the name JEToP, they have been involved in countless projects over the last 20 years. 1st Prize for the Best Project in the field of urban-organization and was ranked Junior Finalist in sector of Engineering-Computer. Now, Wearable Tech Torino is setting a standard in Europe. Opening the doors for the public free of charge to it’s first ever trade show dedicated to wearable technology.

Who’s Going?

Open to the General Public, Wearable tech companies, startups, software developers, computer engineers, company managers, business angels, and journalists.


Wearable Technology Ideas Such As:

  • Sensor algorithms and wireless solutions in action
  • Improving battery or using alternative power 
  • Answer security related concerns
  • Providing new hardware prototypes
  • Practical wearable tech fashion ideas


It’s important to know this: Even the largest companies are fresh to Wearable Technology & the Internet of Things. Never think your idea isn’t what the industry is looking for because it is. Big companies like Microsoft need answers and now they’re reaching out for new partners. Follow along with the Road to WTT and bring your wearable technology ideas to the hackathon. It could be the one they’re looking for.

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Wearable Technology Ideas at WTT 2015

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