What Do You Keep Looking At?

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How often do you check your phone for notifications you don’t care about?

It’s already happened to me today, so I’m sure it happens to others. Smart watches help make this more convenient, but having to wear a bulky watch isn’t for everyone. Christopher Grayson and his team developed a classy and less bulky way of staying notified with important messages. Not to mention it fixes the problem for ladies looking through their purses.

A company led by 7 people including design, research and project manager. Christopher Grayson is bringing us Smart Jewel that keeps you notified discreetly with your favorite services including: WhatsApp, KiK, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Below is an animation of how your notifications are received.

Smart Jewel for Notifications

Courtesy of: christophergrayson.com


Smart Jewel On Your Purse Or As A Necklace

Designed to be multi-functional, their intentions for the Smart Jewel is for you to wear it where you want. They show it on a purse as a decorative gem along with it attached to a necklace.

Cost and Release Date

There is no projected cost as of now. First public display will be this Summer at the Lyons Wier Gallery, New York, so expect to hear more soon.  You can personally stay updated by registering on their website at christophergrayson.com. I’ll personally be keeping updated on the Smart Jewel so you’ll be notified here also.


People Behind Making Smart Jewel

  • Chistopher Grayson – CEO
  • Craig Janik – CTO
  • Meir Calderon – Strategy & Research
  • Ernest Burden III – Design
  • Judith Curin – Chief of staff
  • Sonya Spann – Project Manager
  • Patrick Gidich – Mobile App Development



The Smart Jewel proves how a touch screen isn’t always the best option. Using a simple 3 button system, you get a perfect way to see text messages and notifications. It also displays which app the notification is coming from in a very compact and discreet way.

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