What is IoT, M2M, and Big Data Really About?

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What is IoT M2M and Big Data really about

Internet of Things – Machine to Machine – Big Data


In simplest terms, it’s the communication between devices “Machines” and other devices. Like our desktop or laptop that communicate with other computers to transfer information ” a.k.a the internet”.

The Internet of things “IoT” and Machine to Machine “M2M” is a separate communication directly between the devices that need to communicate with each other. Big Data describes everything going on within the communication between all of these connected devices. Big data is a buzz word and a broad term for data transfer so large or complex that traditional data processing is insufficient.


What is IoT really about?

Since the dawn of the internet the world has become more connected then ever before. Thanks to this hours of research are narrowed down to a quick web search. It also has provided instant news from around the world instantly and conveniently. Still it continues to evolve in a way that connects us further and even more conveniently for us. This has made it’s way to wearable technology allowing for the next generation of the internet, a.k.a – the Internet of Things.

CNBC guest speakers Ron Van Kranenburg and Rainer Kallenbach from Bosch Software Innovations and The Internet of Things Council. You heard right, “the Internet of Things council” is dedicated to just that.

Is the “Internet of Things” becoming a reality? Original on CNBC



What is M2M really about?

Machine to Machine communication may be something we see everywhere we look very soon. For some people it already is everywhere they look.

  • Customized ads suited to individual customers walking through a mall.
  • Fitness trackers communicating between other fitness trackers.
  • Warehouses with smart gloves communicating with merchandise.
  • In retail outlets where a smart mirror can digitally show you wearing a garment.

The below videos of a digital mirror is becoming a reality and Intel invested heavily to bring it to life. Intel and Memomi are pairing to bring this to retailers and possibly even homes to make online shopping an ease.

Memomi unveils worlds first ever body controlled smart mirror


With the outbreak in the vast variety of wearable tech, infrastructure was becoming overloaded with information. It became a concern for many industries that too much data transfer was going to be a problem.

This is the very idea which will hope to solve a concern many corporations worry for and quoted as Big Data.


What is Big Data really about?

Big data is a buzz word and a broad term for data transfer that’s so large or complex, traditional data processing is insufficient. It’s everything that’s going on within the communication world of connected devices. Large companies are already jumping aboard with their own means of Big Data support that many other businesses are benefiting from.

Big Data with Lance Olson and Matt Winkler

Microsoft is strongly focused on Big Data. Below they talk about how they are developing infrastructure and how the big data will be used by them. Many other companies such as Twitter and IBM have teamed up to provide big data solutions as well.

Big Data on Amazon Web Services

Amazon is now providing a big data platform for businesses to develop a deeper understanding of their performance.


Special Show on CES 2014 – IoT and wearable tech

Tech 24 hosted a program “Tech trends to watch (and wear)” talking about wearable technology, smart textiles, and IoT all threw their visit to CES 2014. Liam Boogar was guess speaker at Tech 24 discussing tech trends to watch for and products that appeared at CES 2014. See it below and I hope I’ve cleared up some questions and concerns you may have had. Please take one extra moment and click share below this video and select a social network to share with.

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