What Will Make Wearable Tech Achieve Market Greatness?

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Wearable Tech New York Style

Over 30 attending speakers and keynote speakers from Intel, Martian Watches and Lose It! will be in New York, July 13-15 presenting a Wearable Tech New York event highlight: “From Novelty to Necessity – What Will Make Wearables Achieve Market Greatness?”


Wearable Tech Expo 2015 – New York US


Market greatness is already well on it’s way. Below are just a few reasons why, and if you’re involved in any of these following areas. The Wearable Tech Expo is exactly where you’ll want to be. A wave of success is waiting for enthusiasts like us. ” Regarding growth opportunities – Frost & Sullivan suggests that Alternative Business Models are Key to Sustained Uptake


Sports organizations are leveraging wearable tech for competitive advantage and created a shift in how coaches and athletes approach training and competition. Today’s top athletes are able to improve performance by combining wearables with their workouts. Not only has this enhanced activities for athletes, but also the feedback provided by coaches. The secondary market created from this is quite enormous. If your hands are involved, this is will be a great opportunity to advance.

Software Developers and Computer Hardware Engineers will be meeting and collaborating on next gen tech breakthroughs. Experts in Sports and fitness will be discussing the “Road map” in the development of smart technology. From sensor development to data collection to data translation – It’s going to be data you’ll be wanting to collect for yourself.

Medical technology has also changed. Medical research and Outpatient care has always been among the chief challenges in healthcare and. Wearables and security on a collision course to find common ground for the sake of users. Sessions will cover health risks, safety, security, and the benefits of wearable tech in healthcare.

Fashion was pulled right into this one. Some might even say it was a cry for help in making wearable tech beautiful. A whole new industry of tech fashion came to be. The Wearable Tech Expo will dive right into closing the gaps between these industries. Diving deeper into possibilities beyond the wrist, discussing smart fabrics and flexible technology. Technology you can wear virtually anywhere is something many fashion designers are beginning to fancy. Are you one of them?

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Gaming are hot industries to be involved with. Sometimes wishing I followed my interest in 3D modeling and animation. These areas, along with marketing and business applications are jumping into a whole new level of innovation. Find out if you or your company can help mold the future of these ideas.


Sessions: Sports, Fitness, Health & Wellness

  • The Paradigm Shift in Olympic Sports
  • Measuring Performance: How Pro and Amateur Athletes are Using Wearables
  • Smarter Sports with Wearables
  • Extreme Wearables: How Wearables are Enhancing the Extreme Sports Experience
  • Plotting Success: Using Tracking for Team Sports
  • Safety First: Reducing Risk in Sports with Technology
  • Defining, Designing, Developing: A Roadmap
  • Sensors and Sports: What are the Possibilities?
  • The Next Generation of Sports Wearables
  • Fitness Craze: Making Sense of the Trackers
  • Wearable Fitness: Fad or Future?
  • Future of Health & Wellness Wearables
  • Enhancing Patient Care
  • Why Healthcare is a Must-Have Market for Wearables
  • Health Risks of Wearables
  • Measurable Physiological Changes through Frequency Imprinted Chips


Sessions: Augmented Reality, Enterprise & Connectivity

  • Living with Augmented Reality
  • Future of Smart Eyewear in a Post-Google Glass World
  • The Marketing Opportunity: Contextual Experience Creation
  • Enhanced Gaming with Wearables
  • Making Augmented Reality a Mainstream Experience
  • AR and VR in the Enterprise: Changing the Business Process
  • Wearables for the Enterprise
  • How Cool Apps Are Changing Wearables
  • How to Make Your Wearable App Relevant
  • Sensor Platforms: The Real Opportunity in Wearables
  • Does Your Data Have the Right to Be Silent? Legal and Regulatory Questions Surrounding Wearables
  • Making the Connection
  • Powering Wearables
  • Can Wearables Be Hacked?
  • Maximizing Platform Exclusive Wearables


Sessions: Living With Wearables & Fashion

  • How Wearables are Influencing Social Norms
  • The Sound of Wearables
  • Gesture This: Wearable Tech for Simpler Living
  • Wearables as Trackers: Safety or Stalking?
  • Voice-Enabling Your Clothes
  • Wearable Wallets: How Apple Pay will Drive Hands-free Payments
  • Winning Wristables with Design
  • Apps that Make Sense for Apple Watch and other Wristables
  • Why the Smart Watch is the Key to Connected Living
  • Has Apple Watch Told the Wearables Market, “It’s Time?”
  • Fashion Wearables that Make Sense
  • Tech and Fashion: Closing the Gap
  • Neck Tech: The Next Frontier for Wearables
  • Making in the Classroom
  • Elegant Lifestyle Meets Relevant Technology




Wearable Tech New York Style

We’ve always relied on gestures for expression and we’ve always lived with a social instinct. Wearable Tech is amplifying this, creating interactivity within our lives in ways never before possible. From the dawn of social networking to the creation of wearables. Our connectivity has changed the face of this planet. There are still missing pieces of the puzzle and that’s why Wearable Tech Expo 2015 is reaching out in New York to bring those pieces together.


See Full Agenda For Wearable Tech Expo 2015


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