WTF is Wearable Tech Fashion

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WTF is Wearable Tech Fashion

Advanced Clothing – Smart clothing with sensors and apps.

Advanced Footwear – Let your feet do the thinking for a change.

Shows & Expos – Shows, expos and conferences covering wearable tech.

Smart Jewelry – Jewelry that sparkle with information.

Smart Armwear – Arm gadgets and high tech bands.

Videos – Hi-tech fashion, contests, events and innovations.

Fashion and tech are going hand to hand into the future. Bring into your life and you’ll be amazed with WTF you’ll find. We’ll be updating and adding more as new technology and fashion unite.



 WTF isn’t listed here?

WTF Isnt Listed Here


It would be great hearing all about it. If you would like to see more WTF…. Okay, you’ve likely caught on by now. WTF is Wearable Tech Fashion. (This was completely coincidental! Okay, maybe not completely.. So before it gets too old – I’ll take whatever respect you may still have for the name and bring this to a conclusion.


If you know of any wearable tech not listed, contact us on

FaceBook@Wearable-Tech-Fashion Or Twitter@WearTechFashion.


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