WTF – 10 Best Oculus Rift Reactions

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Here are 10 of the greatest reactions of people experimenting with Oculus Rift “Oculus VR”. When you see how they react, you’ll likely become curious yourself. Virtual Reality is leaps closer then ever before thanks to Oculus and people from all corners are loving it.

Now sit back and enjoy the 10 best and funniest Oculus Rift reactions on the net!


10. Affected | Cyberith Virtualizer and Oculus Rift

The virtualizer is a new addition that allow you to walk around in one place. A great way to bring the users into the game.

Seem’s this girl couldn’t handle it at the end.

YouTube Channel: Cyberith


9. Alone | Amazing Oculus Rift Horror Game

Maybe his reactions are fun to watch anyways.. Markiplier is a well known YouTuber and really enjoying testing out Oculus Rift Demos. A good follow if your interested in keeping up-to-date on the games.

Youtube Channel: Markiplier

8. Most Realistic Roller Coasters

I wouldn’t say it’s the most realistic “Looking” roller coaster, but the experience is hard to comprehend without trying the Oculus for yourself. It’s really just touching the base of the mountain at this point, but it’s going somewhere for sure.

YouTube Channel: jacksepticeye

7. 90 year old trying Oculus Rift

Hope her health is alright. She really loves this! “Did I hear her say she’d use this every day?”

YouTube Channel: Paul Rivot


6. Best Reaction To Oculus Rift

I would agree in saying this is one of the best reactions, but not quite number one on this list. Great none the less!

YouTube Channel: Mugalu Yusuf


5. Teens React To Oculus Rift

Some of these seem “Over Acted”. That’s until closer to the end when the reactions seemed very real. They certainly sound genuine talking about their experience at the end.

YouTube Channel: TheFineBros

4. Elders React To Oculus Rift

These folks… Ha Ha Ha. What an awesome bunch of chaps and what a laugh they started for me. If you haven’t seen “Elders React to Oculus Rift” you’re missing out. Most of these people liked it, some however,,, maybe not so much?

Youtube Channel: TheFineBros


3. Priceless Reactions to Oculus Rift

These people never seen or tried the Oculus before. More then just reactions, but also their opinions on the Oculus rift. They try out a Roller Coaster and a guillotine demo which they talk about in the end.

YouTube Channel: Business Insider

2. Oculus Rift compilation

Chicarron found the time to compile some of his favorite reactions “some of which I really like myself”.

YouTube Channel: Chicarron Norteño

1. Oculus Rift Epic Reactions

The reaction of all reactions. This guy! If someone wasn’t their for him.. Wow!

Did they forget to tell him it wasn’t real?

YouTube Channel: Alejandro Caballero

Hope you enjoyed these Oculus Rift reactions. If you’re just chilling, take a moment and share this with your friends. (It helps a lot!)

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